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    Gait and Run Analysis. Optigait is a state of the art system of analysis that brings a proven philosophy of assessment to injury prevention and rehabilitation. classically, contact gait analysis has been precise, informative, and costly. This last attribute has limited its use to large biomechanical institutes.

  • Podotech Elftman

    The Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Scanner utilises state of the art pressure mat technology and electronic sensors to provide extensive analysis options. Superior visual analysis encourages patient interaction and facilitates a more accurate assessment.

  • Static Foot Scan

    Scan the patient whilst standing to identify plantar pressure distribution Valuable when assessing orthotic efficiency and detecting leg length discrepancies Extensive analysis options in 2D and 3D and numerous measuring possibilities.

  • Dynamic Foot Scan

    Assess the foot in motion whilst walking or running Video mode allows frame by frame viewing Gait line display, calculations and curves.

  • Postural Foot Scan

    Identifies deviations in the musculoskeletal balance Visually observe postural movement over time Centre of pressure displacement (with zoom) (Positioner available as an optional extra)

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