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Custom, attractive, orthotic shoes are only a consultation away.


All our Orthotists are autonomous registered practitioners who provide gait analysis and engineering solutions to patients with problems of the neuromuscular and skeletal systems. They are extensively trained in mechanics, biomechanics, and material science along with anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.


Our orthotists understand all aspects of engineering necessary to create orthoses and other devices to assist those with a physical disability. They are trained in foot measurement, gait analysis and footwear prescription.  They will work with you to address your needs and wants; assess your situation and take accurate measurements before showing you the range of options available to you.

Whether it is a complex orthotic solution or a custom made pair of shoes our orthotists will put your satisfaction at the top of the list. Our orthotists have a much wider scope than those within the health service so you know that you will receive the best treatment and analysis.


We design and provide orthoses that modify the structural or functional characteristics of the patients' neuromuscular and skeletal systems enabling patients to mobilise, eliminate gait deviations, reduce falls, reduce pain, prevent and facilitate healing of ulcers.

Orthotists are also qualified to modify CE marked Orthoses or componentry. They treat patients with a wide range of conditions including Diabetes, Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Spina Bifida, Scoliosis, MSK, sports injuries, trauma, and plantar fascia.


We know that orthotic shoes are not always very appealing. We are committed to creating unique shoes that reduce your discomfort and look good too! We have a range of solutions whether designed in house by our team, from a design you have chosen, or adapted from the exquisite range of our product partners, Klaveness.

Click here to download the new season catalogue of Klaveness Shoe Designs.

Please Contact Us to arrange a consultation or to see the range of shoes available.

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